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1 MW Solar Project at Yemen Governorate for Estidama Energy

ESTIDAMA is a Canada-based energy developer with complete focus on comprehensive project development, engineering design, procurement, construction and asset-management solutions. They are actively delivering innovative solutions in solar energy and renewable energy in the middle east, specifically Yemen; in fact, they are Yemen’s leading turn-key, solar irrigations, commercial-scale solar and utility-scale solar solutions provider.

Detailed Description

ESTIDAMA is developing a 1 MWp Solar PV Project at Thamud in the Hadramaut region of Yemen. This project is planned to overcome the present challenges of the high liquid fuel and high electricity prices. The project would not only harness the green renewable energy and but also would replace the energy presently being supplied by Diesel Generators (to a local Distribution System) through a built-in Energy Management System (EMS). This EMS can not only synchronise the Solar PV project with the existing DG electrical network but can also integrate an optimally designed BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) system in the course of future operations. The implementation of the BESS system has the potential to optimise and minimise the DG operations in the near future which will reduce dependence on the liquid fuel, thus, trimming the overall cost of energy.

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