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Owner's Engineers Services
Owner's Engineers Services

Gensol looks into each detail with respect to owner’s interest and ensure all the contracted terms are being followed, checks project feasibility and prepares DPR, policy checks, RFP for contractors and analyzing the bids to finalize one, review of designs to ensure it is optimized for plant performance and everything is in place as per the industry standards before commissioning is done by constantly monitoring site work. Gensol has been advisor to numerous first time and seasoned project developers over the different phases of building their solar power plant.

12000 MW
Pre Bid Assistance

During Pre Bid Assistance, Gensol engineers visit the expected project site to verify its suitability for solar. On the basis of the data collected during visit and the energy generation simulations carried out, Gensol proposes the financial model to the Project Developer from which bidding tariff is derived. Gensol’s financial model for the project - based on many years of iteration - gives sensitivity analysis across input parameters including project costs, generation, debt assumptions and more to ensure bidder has a holistic view.

Site Due Diligence

Gensol ranks the land parcels available on the basis of parameters affecting EPC Costs and Revenues from the project:

Bidding Assistance

Gensol conduct comprehensive analysis for:

These inputs are then taken into financial model to arrive at bidding tariff.
Lastly, Gensol assists in preparation of Request for Submission and other Tender Documents for bidding.

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Detailed Project Report & Financial Closure

Gensol is an empanelled consultant to all major public and private lending institutions in the country making our Detailed Project Reports bankable.Apart from this Gensol also assists in filing of documents with lending institutions, thus making the process of financial closure smooth and relatively fast.

Indicative Table of Contents of Detailed Project Report 


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Procurement Assistance

There are 200+Solar EPC Contractors in India with varying expertise and costs. Gensol follows a tailor made scoring matrix to shortlist and select. Further, good and exhaustive EPC contracts ensure easier financing and risk mitigation with exhaustive scope of work and gaurantees. Alternatively, if the Project Owner wants to build the project itself, Gensol also assists in Procurement of equipment and different contractor packages

Release of Request for Proposal 


Shortlisting & Finalization 


Drafting Contracts 


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Design Engineering & Review

Gensol's Experienced team of engineers is capable of designing the plant itself as well as the vetting of contractor drawings.The designs are made or checked for compliance to scope of work as included in the contract, IEC and statuary requirements, generation and cost optimization, project safety and grid infrastructure.

Solar Electrical DC (Pre Inverter) 


Solar Electrical AC (Post Inverter) 


Transformer Rating
Civil & Structural Drawings



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Construction Supervision

Solar PV project is a 25 year investment. It is important to maintain strict quality standards to ensure long term return from the project. Furthur delayed construction at the minimum leads to delayed revenue and increase in cost and at maximum can lead to cancellation of the project altogether. Effective construction supervision by Gensol Engineers ensures quality, safety and adherence to implementation schedule.

Construction Supervision Services 


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Plant Hand Over

Gensol's team of engineer's onsite and at client office manage the process of exhaustive plant handover including - Project documentation, Punch Points clearance, Pre commissioning and Performance Acceptance Testing etc. The thoroughness of plant handover is essential for proper construction closure and plant maintainance of the plant in the long term

Plant Testing & Commisioning 


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Facilitating Permits & Clearances

Gensol over it's large spread of projects across the country has acquired strong hands on knowledge on permits required for a project and documentation necessary to acquire these permits, Gensol's team works with its clients to submit and followup with the authorities to ensure that the project is not subjected to any delays on account of approvals

State Power Utility and CEIG related 


New Plant & Company related 


Local clerances 


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