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Strategic & Policy Advisory
Strategic & Policy Advisory

Gensol strives to afford vibrant perspectives and latest prospects to clients assisting them to prepare for a right solar investment . Gensol’s team-based approach has successfully assisted numerous Government and Private organizations develop strategic objectives, outline feasible solar technology based alternatives and explore & craft the right short-term and long-term solar solutions

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Gensol affords a wide range of strategic advisory services to private investors and Government Organisations to help them accelerate industrial development and competitiveness in renewables. With a breadth of 15 year strategic experience across the Globe, Gensol encloses a wide range of professional specialists in furnishing Feasibility Reports, Detailed Project Reports (DPR), Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) which emphasize on key disciplines such as Technical feasibility analysis, plant performance and generation assessment, Detailed Design & Engineering (System Sizing),Power Evacuation Feasibility, financial reporting, project implementation standards (Permits & Clearances) and risk management thereby enabling  Project Developers to undertake a decisive judgement for their particular investment in Power Generation and those willing to foray in solar arena.By analyzing the risk and rate of return, we also assist our clients in more easily evaluating the alternative strategies and making a decision as to which strategy or strategies to implement.

Gensol’s strategic advisory services aids its clients in measuring success by chasing sustainable industrial strategies at the global, regional and country level and ensure that they have adequate capacities to design and  implement the project at the stipulated duration. Our team evaluates the available technology options and offers flexible solutions in the changing technological and market scenarios.


Site feasibility assessment 


Solar Resource & Energy Generation Assessment  


Technology Alternatives 


Financial Models and Analysis 


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